5 Things My Resume Will Not Tell You

 Until recently, through my blog and freelance consulting work for others, I am attempting to write again. I managed well enough in high school years ago writing papers. In the career path I chose for the past twenty-eight years, writing has been something I have seldomly used aside from emails and process manuals. My loving wife, whom I adore with her MBA in psychology and minor in music, has noticed significant improvement over the past few weeks. So, my apologies for those I offend with my prose.

Writing a resume has been something I never had to do until recently. I am very horrible at it! I have read so much information about resume writing that I have found it’s smart to have ten or so ready to send. It is absurd. To the Gods of resume writing whom I have insufficient funds to afford your services, I shall commit blasphemy!!

This a little more insight to me and a little light-hearted humor. So here are five things my resume won’t tell you.

1.      Reason I have worked many places. I worked in the automotive retail industry. That within itself can explain a lot. There are four companies that it bothered me to leave. One I left due to personal reasons while trying to salvage a divorce. It was a mistake as the divorce became inevitable. Some of the places were stepping stones. I was there to help build something and it was known from the beginning. Majority of my departures were due to poor leadership. Something very real in the dealership world. It’s not that it was one incident. Imagine an ongoing carousel of individuals put into leadership roles above you, one after the other. Why do great employees leave? You know the answer to the question…

2.       Numerous Accomplishments. To be very transparent about this, I despise boasting about such. Succeeding was what I was groomed to do at a young age. All the accomplishments, awards and profitable growth were my team I led. I feel I should list all their names. My desire to build leaders instead of followers has always been one of my key focal points. The satisfaction of developing individuals is one of my greatest accomplishments. Understanding I was the one leading the charge, I honestly could write a novella about my accomplishments and how developing a team got me there. They say resumes should be a 30 second read. Who all can speed read? I occasionally do.

3.      Education This one is important to me. Something often causing my resume to end up a paper airplane or ‘file 13’ piece. I have no college degree. No regrets here. Regret is for people who have done something wrong. However, I do admire and will not let my son go my same path. He will be attending a university. An education past high school is very important. There are times I sit and think how a degree would have opened doors never accessible before. My mind as a teenager was elsewhere at the time. I did well in school. SAT’s were a breeze and scored very high. Making money was more important to me as it funded my hobbies of music, building/programming computers and still reading everything under the sun. My education was hands on, trial and error and self-taught. I learned from twenty-eight years in business with my first ten being groomed by my father. So, I have the equivalent of a doctorate, correct?

4.      Skills This alone is a list that could fill a page. Again, my respect goes to the resume Gods. I have seen things condensed to fit on a resume. Yet, have I to figure out how to condense what I know. My experience, knowledge and tangibles are very extensive and have taking pride in excelling in all of them. It’s what I do. I’ve never feared failure. I don’t believe in it. It doesn’t exist. At least I keep telling myself that! Never one to gloat or relish, I can only state that the only thing that boggles me is the universe. Stephen Hawking being one of many literary and personal influences in my life, still has me staring at the night sky trying to grasp the reality of infinity. A telescope is a great tool to start these thoughts!

5.      About David Allen Wood Hey! That’s me! How do you tell someone who you really are in a resume? What they are getting for their investment? It’s very complicated to put that in a short paragraph and still have room for all the other important things. I can’t really praise myself well. I feel like there is always room for improvement. We all have thoughts and portraits painted of ourselves in our minds. Pounding your chest is a weakness. Humbleness is the greatest strength one can possess. I can only base who I am on what others will tell you. Trust me, when you do well, people will talk. Good and bad. Just take it with a grain of salt.


  There is no limit to my work ethic and passion. My colleagues and peers who know me well will attest for this. Putting in hours upon hours to be the best at what I do has always been a standard. Some call me a freak of nature to my face. Never knew how to take that? Is it a good thing? Competitors always being cordial towards me, yet I always know they watch me. Not out of paranoia in my head, just their obvious behavior. They wonder what I will do next. I find it fun to keep them on their toes. A man must be entertained! I do like to have fun.


I can admit to that I will never stop grinding. Is it a fault? It’s imprinted in my DNA. My father’s love and guidance were ones that when he started grooming me, were through hard love and results. His expectations of me were set high and it made me the person I am. To win his admiration, I knew I had to push myself harder than anyone else. He came from nothing and became a successful business owner. He set the bar. I will raise it. How does someone explain to another how they push themselves to the limits?

Everyday I get up and am always ready to roll. Positive that the day will be great! You must always think that. Hell, you woke up! Be grateful. When I am contagiously sick, I get consumed with guilt. I always feel the need to be grinding. It is what makes me feel good about me. What people feel in their brain when they eat chocolate or their favorite treat, I feel when I am working towards a goal. I can’t explain it. If you want to be the best, you work hard. Harder than anyone else. People should know when they are trying to take business away from me, that they will fail. I do my homework and I always come to win.

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