5 Ways You Can Change the World

In a day where everyone is fixated on their mobile devices and how to succeed in life, we forget the big picture. We wanted to change the world as kids. Is this still relevant? Absolutely! What is the big picture?

The big picture can be different from one person to another. Dreams of what you want to accomplish, communicate and the difference you leave on this world. These thoughts have no age limitations or expiration.

Listing what I feel to be the important core values one should focus on, these are my thoughts on what it takes to change the world.



This is an important personality trait. When you practice this every day, you cannot fail. It is not something that is graded or judges. Just be kind. Hold doors open for people. Let people in your lane during rush hour traffic. Smile and acknowledge people. You never know how that one act of kindness can possibly change a person’s day or even life. If they don’t respond, no worries, kindness can be contagious. Consistent exposure can change even the most hardened heart.



Adding value to this world is insurmountable. What is your value? What are your contributions to your life, people around you, your company, hobbies and most importantly, the world?


Giving Back

This can be a tough one to explain. It does not always carry a monetary meaning. Giving time, attention, respect and advice or help is what I am referring to. Monetary too, people sometimes need help and when we are doing well, we should help people in unfortunate situations. Having a desk that you don’t need in your spare room at home, instead of selling it online, look for someone who needs it and can’t afford it. Many aspiring writers, remote workers and kids could use it.


Giving back is universal. No matter your religion, beliefs or thoughts, it has a positive effect on the world.



We have all heard the saying, “Respect is earned, not given”.  So how do you earn respect? By giving respect! Respect all life forms and property and even people’s personal opinions. I have many friends and peers with ideology that differs from my own. I still respect them and just go with the “agree to disagree” statement. We still are friends.



This one I can’t just explain in a paragraph or two. Love is a broad subject and something beyond science. Love is universal. Give love and you will receive love. This is not always true to certain situations, but like kindness, never stop because of a few bad apples. Love yourself first and foremost and love what you do! Love can heal a broken spirit and motivate others to pay it forward. Love what you can do to help change the world.


Not one person can change the world alone, it’s a team effort. The team being ALL of us. Please feel free to add your thoughts, suggestions and theories.

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