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Potential employers look at my resume and grimace. They see someone who has been many places. I understand as a hiring manager/director what that looks like. I have been up front with individuals with resumes like mine and told them I am looking for stability not “job hoppers”. It says a lot about someone, so I understand. Truth is, the automotive retail business outside large or distinguished auto groups is not stability built.

Regarding my resume, my “world tour” was a mixture of consistently revolving upper leadership, other employers enticing me with bonuses, significantly larger compensation packages, and the fact I was on a journey to help as many as I could. Most knew I was there for a short time. It was for me a task of putting in processes and people, to build a solid foundation. I was always successful in this endeavor. I was an accomplished journeyman. Yet, in the last few years, I always looked for that one company that I could retire from. Years back I left such a place due to family reasons and it has been one of my biggest regrets.

I met an individual by chance at a dealership who became a great friend. Eventually landing me my shot at the company of my dreams. He and his brother put a lot on the line to get me my shot. Not saying I failed at it, as I was in a dark place and in the beginning phases of a divorce. I enjoyed being there and showing what I was made of while making customers for life. I can only say the timing was off.

I left there with the training and professionalism I encountered and literally went around trying to recreate the ideology of the greatest organization I have ever worked for into other stores. This just doesn’t happen. Companies are different and you can only utilize core values and processes to a certain extent. Becoming well known with a group of peers and corporate manufacturer representatives, I ended up the “rehabilitator”.  As I stated earlier, I left for the next broken store due to poor leadership or lack of proper structure of a company. Structure and organization of a company is more important than you think. It can be something that works against you or for you.

My travels have led me here. The cumulation of experiences, skills I have acquired, and the knowledge of the operations of a dealership have left me desiring an organization I can serve out the remainder of my career with. Understanding that good organizations promote within, I am prepared to come in and work towards that. I am humbled but hungry, always enthusiastic to grow and most of all, ready to become part of a great organization. My focus and my passion are aligned to become a great asset to any company, but God willing, the company of my dreams.

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