Do You Fit Your Work Culture?

Some of us have all been there. Some are still there.

This can pertain to a lot of situations and aspects in life, but let us focus on our career and workplace.

How many times have you looked around you or after dealing with upper management have you realized, this is not me? I don't fit this mold...

I have always felt out of place. My traveled path thus far has been in the retail automotive dealership environment. Having had years of success by making dealers very profitable, obtaining many factory awards, blessed with recruiting great people and building strong teams, I still feel out of place.

Why? I always yearned for more. Having a college degree was not a requirement of success in the automotive retail industry. Most dealers did not have them and many organizations do not require such. I started working at a very young age and after high school, started my career.

My mind is different from others. I had phenomenal SAT scores, tested high in IQ tests and many other accomplishments at a young age. I didn't care. I was ready to take on the world and make money! I wanted to go to school very badly, I was just bored with high school and the politics.

I realize now, what happened with skipping a formal education was that I educated myself and narrowed my path. So, I consistently picked up every piece of literature and research I could. My mind was hungry beyond the industry I was bred into. Science, art, technology and literature. My passion for knowledge was and still beyond my limitations of who I could be and what I could do in an automotive dealership.

Feeling out of place became the normal. I accepted my detachment as just something wrong with me. My mind was well tuned for what I did as I was a natural with numbers and solutions, but my pleasures far exceeded the standard of the retail automotive industry.

So I began to make my career into an art form. I wanted to be the best at customer service and employee retention. Building people up, teaching them knowledge that no other managers would ever do. I "trained my replacements".

I created spreadsheets and wrote reports that would boggle my peers. I was driven to dig deeper than the status quo.

I still felt out of place. The lack of professionalism and integrity from the majority was morally diminishing. I understand it is not a perfect world. That does not stop me from having a moral compass and being a critical thinker. My integrity, intelligence and energy drove me to thoughts of something better.

I found a great place where I fit in. However, timing and personal issues in life had me resign from that position.

Now I am back on that pony. Ready to find where I belong. I will not settle for what I have always settled for. Mediocrity has never been in my deck of cards. It's not fair to do that to yourself. You have one, short life. You live it. You have to love what you do.

So when you find yourself in these situations, you have to really look inside yourself. Am I here for the money? Will money buy happiness? No. It does pay the bills, just not fulfilling as most see it.

Why am I here and where do I need to go?

If you have that opportunity in mind, the opportunity in which you WANT to go. Nothing is stopping you but yourself.

Fulfill your dream! Period.

If you haven't found it, never stop looking.

Will being miserable and regrets lead to death? Yes. The death of your soul. My soul was diminished for a few years. Then I found my flame, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. You have that flame as well. Find it. Let it burn. Feed it and allow that fire to shape what you do and how you do it. Don't be a victim of mediocrity and never stop moving forward. Move forward in life, love, spirituality, health, happiness and self worth. Be strong and be happy! Find your fit and never look back.

Always remember... " The Comeback is Always Stronger Than the Setback!"

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