Hope Makes No Cents


Hope makes no cents. Determination does.

As I sit here writing this, it is an early Monday morning. Having a very peaceful Sunday with a few chores, I felt accomplished. I went to bed and never went to sleep. I thought, " why do all these people wish and hope for things?".

In my experience, if you want something, you have to go get it. You have to not give up. Working your ass off to be the best or make the best of whatever it is you are doing. If your expectations are to reach mainstream with you, your product or idea, you have to work harder than anyone else. Never be caught ignorant. Always take a handful of hours a week to learn a new aspect of what you are doing or research your competition. You must always have a strategy.

Years ago as a young man, I learned from a father who was successful in business that nothing is given. The term PHD was thrown at me and "lucky sperm club". Working for everything I had, nothing was given to me on a platter. My father grew up poor and even though he had made something of himself, I was privileged to working the same path he did. Hard!

  So you have an innovative idea?

 Thinking of starting your own business?

 Seeking that dream job?

 You want consider yourself an entrepreneur? 

 Wanting to take a leap of Faith outside the box?

I assure you one thing. Hope will not get you there. Get ready to meet rejection. Every successful person has. It is a matter of how you handle it and what you make of it. Fearing rejection is not an option in any of the scenarios above. I have been rejected more times than accepted. Oh well, I never let it extinguish the flame in my heart.

This world is full of ridicule and negativity. Maintaining positivity at all times is skill and virtue. You can never stop being positive. You will encounter days where you want to give up and just lay down and cry. You have to have absolute faith in what you are doing.

I personally am a survivor. Being through many difficult situations in life, I have learned that I have to keep moving, never look back and get stonewalled by anyone or anything. Different from  some others but not one myself  to judge,  I have a relationship with the Lord. He keeps me grounded but focused. If it was not for Him, I would be dead or in prison. That's another story. Either way, you have to have a resolute plan and do it. Free to your own thoughts, religious beliefs or whatever your creed, you make a pact and never break it. Surround yourself with like minded people. It helps.

When everything seems a loss and you have nothing to show for, you have not failed. Do not let what society labels failure guide your fate. You still have pride, your mind and a plan. It will happen. Not with hope. Only with determination.

If you feel I am speaking to you, reach out to me. I am available for a phone or video call. I am very knowledgeable in many things and can help get you started, out of a rut and even lend fresh angles on what you are doing. My experience and knowledge goes far beyond the realm of automotive retail. I have years of experience helping friends, colleagues and clients succeed in businesses other than automotive retail.


Never stop grinding.

David Allen Wood

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