The End of the Automotive Retail Dealership Dinosaurs: Evolution or Extinction

The automotive retail dealership is increasing their path to extinction. They are becoming dinosaurs. Huge but slow and ingrained with old mentality. Every avenue of the aftermarket automotive industry is literally slaughtering retail dealers. Pre-owned vehicles, service, parts and collision.

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Service Express and the Future of Automotive Dealerships

Why does a dealership need service express?

This one question alone has been asked at many round table meetings and peer groups. The answer is vast and has many factors to the future success of your dealership.

When you sell a vehicle to a customer, it should be the beginning of a lifelong relationship. Sales consultants properly trained to add the value of your service operations is imperative. Walking the clients back to the service department and meeting key people is preached consistently.  Team members such as managers, consultants and even showing them the shop. This gives the initial feeling of trust and welcoming to do business.

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Hope Makes No Cents

In my experience, if you want something, you have to go get it. You have to not give up. Working your ass off to be the best or make the best of whatever it is you are doing. If your expectations are to reach mainstream with you, your product or idea, you have to work harder than anyone else. Never be caught ignorant. Always take a handful of hours a week to learn a new aspect of what you are doing or research your competition. You must always have a strategy.

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10 Quick Tips for Selling OEM Parts Online

So, you have embarked on eCommerce sales in your parts department? I applaud you on making a business decision to grow your department and dealership. It is a VERY lucrative venture when managed correctly and with passion. I had tremendous success doing so and helped my team win awards.
Some quick things I wanted to go over are damages and returns. Situations, tricks and tips. Well, there are no tricks. Just seemed to be appropriate terminology! Here I am going to cover issues and situations I personally experienced. I want to provide you with assistance and possibly help when there is no one else to ask. Without further ado, let’s jump into this

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