Welcome to the " Special Tool Room".The following are remarkable products/services I have used and had experience with. These are not so secret weapons anymore. I consistently research products and services. These are my top picks and I am pretty sure if you utilized them in your everyday process, you will see what they advertise is TRUE. I will attest to this. Shoot me questions, concerns or comments.

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The Ultimate E-Commerce Tool for Parts Departments

I have utilized this platform, along with others, and it is hands down the best. Top customer support and tools. RevolutionParts is your answer to growth in the digital age. Standalone sites, sites connected to dealer site, Amazon, eBay...Revolution is my top pick.

If local part and accessory sales feel stagnant, then it’s time to find more buyers! A RevolutionParts web store makes it easy for you to reach millions of buyers nationwide. Less than 5% of new car dealers are selling online. Now is an excellent time for you to get a jump on your competitors and establish a long-term competitive advantage.

Want to start small and slowly scale up? Ready to go big from the start? You decide. Grow your sales at a pace that best fits your team size, budget, and goals. Their of expert dealer advisers can help you build a plan that maximizes your results.