Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life

It was spring of 2015. I had just returned from accepting an award from Volkswagen in Austin, TX.

My career was great. My health...not so great. I took many medications due to my morbid obesity. Walking the few flight of stairs to the accounting office one afternoon, I found I could not breath. Settling myself on the floor, I felt ashamed. Luckily my employees could not see me as I took the private stairwell. I sat there on the floor, angry, angry at myself and ashamed.

Having gained an excessive amount of weight after a horrible divorce in 2012 that left me financially destitute, taking positions beneath my self-worth, lowering myself to less challenging work and comforting myself with excessive alcohol and food. I put a stop to the madness at a mindblowing 475 lbs (215 kilos). I might have hit 500 lbs, I stopped weighing at a certain point.

Sitting in my physician's office after the stairs incident. He, being a close friend for years, told me directly as he always did. " Dave, here is reason 1,083 of the effects of obesity on your body! You have to focus your passion for your career on yourself as well! Balance, my friend, balance!"

Thinking back on the opportunities some companies presented me, I showed up to interviews highly sought after for "big" things. They were excited to speak with me. Then they were in front of a fat guy. I hate to admit to this, people judge you in an interview by your appearance and especially your weight. It is not exactly a great way to factor of how someone will perform, as even after I was at my biggest, I have always and still walk with purpose and worked circles around most. I just happened to neglect myself, just not my work. I lost some great opportunities due to my size. I saw the look in the faces of the people interviewing me. I knew.

I went home and thought about what my friend said for some time. A few weeks went by and I had read probably 6 books ranging from diet to rewiring my mind to focus on myself. Guilty as hell, I always put work, employees and the passion to succeed before anything else in my life. As you can imagine, this most likely was a catalyst for more than just my weight gain.

I finally made changes. Transforming myself into the person I really wanted to be. Staying away from the standard American junk consumption, eating whole foods and exercising. My journey led me to read so many books on health, wellness, spirituality, mindfulness, psychology, business, animals and even quantum physics. Yes, quantum physics. It is something I enjoy studying. I transformed myself. Becoming the person I really enjoyed being. Smiling became a habit, enjoying people more and understanding who I really was.

When your body is nourished correctly, your mind becomes sharper and more focused.

I am down over 180 lbs (81 kilos). Still have a little ways to go. I can run two miles without faltering pace. The difference now, is my mind is clear. My soul is on fire and I am ready to inspire and grow. Now, I am never going to be one to quit transforming and learning, I feel like a different person from ten years ago even twenty years ago. It's fantastic.

This goes into my inspiration for this article. A great one to follow on LinkedIn is Mark Lubkoll. He did a fabulous video post on consistency here

Everything I do now is consistent. I may change course on something, but I consistently progress and learn. I have always been consistent in my work life, just not in my personal life. Now I am. I have tuned my mind with body. Consistency is the key to success in ANY thing you do in life. It encompasses all aspects of everything. Consistency.

Transforming your mind, body and soul is the key to achieving anything you desire.

Many Blessings and success,

David Allen Wood #daw #davidallenwood

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