” Why Can’t I Keep Good Help?”

 Why Can't I Keep Good Help

After speaking with several people and finally fed up by hearing it again the other day, I am inspired to write this piece.

Constant cries of, " Why can't I keep good help?"

This can cover all industries and positions. Let's start with the basic and most rudimentary reasons people leave a job;

  • Compensation Issues
  • Lack of Leadership/Bad Leadership
  • Benefits/Perks
  • Atmosphere/Environment
  • Lack of Appreciation
  • No Motivation to Succeed
  • No Chances of Promotions or Advancement
  • Training ( Lack of/ Nonexistent)
  • Personal Reasons

This list could go on!

Just dipping our toes in the water on the issues above, I will only go over a some of these in this instillment.

If someone is not compensated correctly for their work, then they will leave. If they "believe" they should be compensated more, then it is up to a true leader to converse with this individual and find a resolution. Some employees expectations are greed motivated. That simple. In my experience, it is usually the other way around. You can take that how you want it, but never overpay or underpay. You have to set the scale and show what is fair.


The leadership issue is problematic and has so many variables to cover in this segment. Just because you have done something for a long time does not make you a leader. The fact that you succeeded before you were promoted does not make you a leader. Your employees "like" you. Nope, not leadership. They are not supposed to hate you or fear you. Leadership is the ability to lead a team to success. That means diplomatically listening ALL the time and improving processes, ideas and considering contributions to consistently evolving. There are thousands of people who hold management, director and executive positions but are not great leaders. No name dropping here. Just facts. If people are leaving you, a lot can be attributed to leadership. This does not pertain to interns, seasonal help or contract workers.


Benefits and perks are important. I have personally seen people leave a good paying position with lousy benefits and take a decrease in compensation for better benefits and perks. The bottom line is talent follows great benefits. Benefits and perks land better candidates and top tier talent. It allows a company to show their appreciation to the heart of their organization by offering great benefit packages. This includes profit sharing. If people see returns on profit sharing, you will find motivation and passion for growth as a side effect!


Atmosphere and environment can go many directions. The simple explanation of this, toxic environments breed toxicity. It is like a deadly virus. Spreads and will continue until you are drowned in its glory! Environments that do not allow creativity, communication or input, same thing. No one wants to punch in and out. People want to enjoy what they do and where they work. This could be a whole article on it's own. The basics of this are:

  • Clean inviting work atmosphere. People want to appreciate where they work.
  • Environment and atmosphere that breeds positivity, innovation and teamwork.
  • Weed out cancers and trolls. Counsel them, counsel them, counsel them and then cut the cord. If people can't change, you have to do it for them.
  • Don't let talent with bad habits and bad attitude stay around because "you need them". They will cause your leadership to be questioned. They are most likely going to run off others and make others miserable.



With all great leaders come great responsibility to your team. Those responsibilities are to help the growth and prosperity of your people. The age old saying of "train your replacement" still holds truth. If you are insecure and feel this undermines your own agenda, you are not a leader. Consistent training, education and learning is key to your growth as well as your people.

Without this, you will find lack of motivation, no will to go above and beyond and false respect. People that feel no appreciation, growth opportunities and get "stale", will only respect your title and not your leadership. This is whats breeds many issues inside an organization.

When asking yourself why you can't keep good help, look in the mirror. There is your starting point.






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